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Reviewed Twice in Tracking Angle, June/August 2023:

Ken Redmond recently reviewed Iconoclast cables at Tracking Angle; you can see the review here: Belden's Iconoclast Series II Audio Cables -- High-Definition Audio Cables that Get Out of the Way

...and mastering engineer Dave McNair has followed up with a further review:
Iconoclast Cable by Belden -- Additional Thoughts

Iconoclast by Belden: Sound Design Creates Sound Performance

The views of audiophiles and the views of electrical engineers have often seemed irreconcilable. This clash of cultures has resulted in audio cable design for high-end systems often being the province of designers who have come to the problem as enthusiasts, with ideas, but without a great deal of technical or manufacturing savvy. That can result in designs which do not always do what they set out to do.

Iconoclast By Belden is different. Belden has been in the wire and cable business for over a hundred years. Its products are established leaders in many markets, from commercial audio to antenna feedlines to broadcast video; from simple twisted pair microphone cables through precision microwave coax and fiber optic. When this is what you do, engineering comes first.

Have a Read, and Have a Listen.

Iconoclast cables were conceived and developed by Galen Gareis, a career Belden engineer with decades of experience in wire and cable design for a broad variety of applications. Galen's own journey into high end audio led him to believe that high-performance audio cabling is not so simple as it is often thought to be, and that new approaches to design could improve upon conventional products. His views and reasoning are extensively set out in the papers we present here (see the "Design Theory" tab above). We know of no one who has set out so thorough a technical rationale for cable designs as this, without mumbo-jumbo and without the need to reinvent physics along the way. People may disagree as to whether the differences between these and more conventional designs are audible, but there is little room to disagree with Galen's data. The can-you-hear-it question is one we leave to you: we ask only that you listen, in whatever way you prefer, and make your own judgment. We take returns without question or argument -- but we think you'll find these are keepers.

Brought to you by Belden and Blue Jeans Cable

Iconoclast bulk cable is manufactured by Belden in Richmond, Indiana; assembly and connectorization is done in Seattle, Washington, by Blue Jeans Cable, an audio/video cable assembly shop which has been working with Belden for over fifteen years in bringing broadcast-quality video, audio and data cabling to the consumer market. Iconoclast seeks to bring a bit of fresh air into the high-end audio cable world: serious, straightforward, documented engineering applied to the task of producing the utmost in audio performance.

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