I have four 1 meter XLR sets going from the bottom component, up to the pre amplifier component. The natural LOOP needs to be allowed to form, unobstructed from the rear wall. This takes about 12″-13″ of clearance from the back of the unit to the wall. The rack may be closer to the wall than 13″ based on the depth of the rack. If the rack shelf is 24″, and the device is 19″, the rack will be only 13″minus 5″ or 8″from the rear wall, for instance.

Space the racks and devices APART helps, too, so a 180 degree loop back for one device on top of another is too severe. A bend radius of 8″ or so is needed (see the picture). If devices are such that the XLR are well offset, a piggy-back stack can work. The distance BETWEEN the XLR jacks is what is important, up and down or left and right or a combination of the two works.

The XLR will twist no more than 180 degrees to plug in for ANY wire path. With a loop-back, a change in the vertical alignment, to the left or right, will force a TWIST in the cable. Same with a straight through if the equipment is shifted left or right. Again, this is simply how XLR works.

Plug the MALE XLR in first. The female has a thumb tab that lets you quickly see the direction to go that puts the least torque into the cable. Simply rotate the female XLR to snap it in. All polarized plugs work this way. The BAV is designed to simply have a very low bending moment design that absorbs the exact same twist, but with less force…thus it can take severe routing.

ICONOCLAST used with adequate rear clearance can use 1 meter cables, but the FULL natural loop needs to form to allow the torque to be absorbed along the full length of the cable. This is worst case as the jacks are pretty much one straight above the others.

ICONOCLAST are true AIR tube with the best dielectrics available. These cables will require proper routing and rack positions. For those that can not conform to the reality of the design, I have engineered the BAV to be the best flexing (first requirement) and best performing for the flexibility. These will accept harsh routing.

Galen Gareis

iconoclast design engineer

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