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International Sales:

We can ship your order anywhere in the world where postal services go. But there are a few wrinkles you should know about.

The easy stuff: Canada and the United Kingdom

For Canada and the UK, it's pretty simple. Our shopping cart will add taxes to your goods, and we remit those taxes to the taxing authorities, without you having to pay anything on receipt for import duties, VAT, or other customs charges. We ship to those countries via Federal Express, and charge you our shopping cart's best estimate of the actual cost of shipping. In the event of a return, we refund the price of the goods plus the applicable taxes.

For customers not in the US, UK or Canada:

Outside of the US, UK and Canada it gets a bit trickier. We are not registered to collect or remit VAT, sales tax or customs duties in any other country. We cannot ship via Federal Express, unless you have a Federal Express account and give us the account number to tell FedEx where to bill any taxes or fees to. Ordinarily we will ship by the US Postal Service, which in most cases will simply forward the package to your own domestic postal service, and you will need to pay any applicable taxes and customs charges at the time of receipt. In the event of a return, we are not able to refund any of those charges, though there may be processes in place in your country to allow you to recoup them.

We are often asked to mark goods as a gift or understate the value, in order to reduce taxes. Please don't ask us to do this; we cannot. It is not uncommon for valuations on our packages to be reviewed by customs officials, and when they even suspect that we have underreported value on a shipment, it causes considerable work on our part to supply documentation. We face fines and limitations on our access to foreign markets if customs officials conclude that we've done that. We have even been fined for fraudulent documentation when our documentation was demonstrably 100% accurate, which is incredibly frustrating. Since we get "caught" even when innocent, we cannot take the risk of knowingly misstating the value or purpose of a shipment.

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