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Within the USA: Sales Taxes

On orders within the United States, we now are obligated to collect and remit sales tax in many states where we have no operations. The list of states is somewhat fluid right now -- the US Supreme Court only made this change to the law in 2018, and states have been rapidly re-writing their tax codes to take advantage of the ruling, which has led to our adding states to our list -- but clarification of state tax laws in some cases has caused us to stop collecting taxes for states where we had been collecting them. You can see easily enough whether your state is on our current list of taxed jurisdictions by putting an item in the shopping cart and proceeding toward checkout -- any taxes will appear in the summary of the order, which you'll see before you have to finalize the purchase.

In a few states, customers may find that the rate we charge is lower than the rate paid on local purchases. This, in most cases, is no mistake -- it arises from the fact that not all states require local-option sales taxes to be collected by out-of-state vendors on all sales. Here again, however, the laws are currently in flux and so our practices may change as the laws change.

Orders to the UK and Canada:

We are registered to collect GST/HST in Canada, PST in British Columbia, and VAT in the United Kingdom. Accordingly, orders to Canada and the UK will be charged the applicable taxes at checkout. In the case of returns, the customer will be refunded both the price of the goods and the taxes.

Orders to Countries other than the USA, Canada and UK:

For orders shipped to countries where we are not registered as a taxpayer, things become a bit more complicated. We ship without pre-payment of taxes -- this means that when you receive your order, you will need to pay the postal service or delivery company any taxes and customs clearance charges which are due. In the event of a product return, we do not have any mechanism for recovering taxes and customs clearance charges which have been paid; it is possible that some mechanism exists in your country which you can pursue for the recovery of such amounts.

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