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Introducing Iconoclast Cables by Belden

Belden has long been a leader in communications wire and cable, including a wide range of products preferred by industry professionals in a/v, broadcast, production and editing. But while Belden products are often seen on the production side, Belden has been relatively absent from the consumer market, and particularly from high-end consumer audio. You'd expect an engineering-driven company like Belden to put engineering considerations first in any cable design, and Iconoclast represents just that: decades of wire and cable technology experience applied to the particular problems of speaker, XLR and RCA interconnect cable.

Iconoclast cables are the work of Galen Gareis, who developed them during the course of his 35-year career designing cables for Belden. There aren't a lot of engineers who have Galen's depth of knowledge of wire and cable, and when he began to take an interest in high-end audio cable he came to the conclusion that -- contrary to conventional wisdom -- cable designs for high-end systems really did make audible differences. But what were the causes of those differences, and how might one optimize design to minimize these effects? For the full story of Galen's work and reasoning, see our page "The Story of Iconoclast," below, and the technical papers linked therein.

All of these cables are manufactured by Belden in Richmond, Indiana and then assembled in Seattle, Washington, by Blue Jeans Cable, an audio/video cable assembly shop which has been working with Belden for over fifteen years in bringing broadcast-quality video, audio and data cabling to the consumer market. In bringing these Iconoclast cables to market, we hope to inject a bit of fresh air into the high-end audio cable world: serious, straightforward, documented engineering applied to the task of producing the best in audio performance.

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