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Technical Papers:

While Galen's papers on the whys and wherefores of Iconoclast product design are the best resource for understanding Iconoclast products themselves, the papers set out here are of a more general nature, addressing topics within wire and cable design and performance

Shields and Grounding

Iconoclast Vp and Impedance Calculations and Measurements

Dual Bi-Wire and Single Wire Speaker Cables

BAV Power Cable Performance

Speaker and Interconnect Critical Parameters for Length Recommendations


AXPONA 2024:

Galen Gareis presented this talk in 2024 at AXPONA, on the topic "Does Cable Length Matter?" The video is in two parts:

Part 1:

Part 2:

AXPONA 2023:

Galen Gareis presented the following talk at the Masterclass Sessions at the AXPONA show, titled "The Uncommonly Understood Nature of Common Cable Characteristics."

San Francisco Audiophile Foundation:

Galen also addressed the San Francisco Audiophile Foundation in this 2022 talk, giving a longer and more detailed account of various issues in cable design and how the Iconoclast cable designs address these:

Suncoast Audio Society, Tampa Bay:

Galen gave this talk in 2024 to the Suncoast Audio Society, on the topic of "Frequency Dependent Cable Properties."

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