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Reviews and Discussions of Iconoclast Cable

Here are some links to articles, reviews and discussions elsewhere about Iconoclast cable products.

Tracking Angle ReviewReview of Iconoclast Series-2 Speaker and XLR cables at Michael Fremer's site.
Sound Advocate Review, 6/22Review of SPTPC Speaker and REL-compatible subwoofer cable.
Sound Advocate Review, 7/23Review of Series-2 SPTPC Speaker and TPC XLR cables.
PS Audio Iconoclast ThreadIt's a bit long and a lot to wade through, but this discussion thread at PS Audio contains loads of information, including many posts by Galen Gareis and Bob Howard.
Copper Magazine: Cable Design and the Speed of Sound, Part OneCopper Magazine article by Galen Gareis on Iconoclast designs.
Copper Magazine: Part TwoPart Two of the article above.
Copper Magazine: Part ThreePart Three of the article above.
SFAS Presentation (video)Galen's presentation to the San Francisco Audio Society
Audio Bacon reviewReview of Iconoclast interconnects and speaker cable at Audio Bacon
Audio Bacon articleArticle: Iconoclast Cables -- Same Measurements, Different Sounds
Dagogo ReviewIconoclast by Belden Speaker and Interconnect Cables and BAV Power Cords Review, by Doug Schroeder
Audio Resurgence ReviewReview of Series-1 and Series-2 Iconoclast Speaker Cables
Tracking Angle Main Review Review by Ken Redmond of Iconoclast Series-2 cables
Tracking Angle Supplemental ReviewAdditional Review of Iconoclast by Dave McNair

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